Lovely college girls get nailed during wild sex party


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Lovely college girls get nailed during wild sex party. My first college party. Over a month into my freshman year of college, and this was my first party. It was at a senior student's penthouse apartment, just a few blocks away from the apartment I shared with my sister Kayli, adorned with expensive furniture and filled with dozens of students. I found myself standing next to a circle of cute girls that were drinking and giggling next to a table in the kitchen. I had asked a girl named Natasha, whose name was given to me by a friend. She was smoking hot, and drunk; her tight white T-shirt matched her white open-toe high heels, complimenting the feint orange glow of her tanned skin. She wasn't fat but had a little bit of meat on her bones: her dark blue jeans hugged her lovely thighs and round ass perfectly, her plump breasts nearly popped out of her shirt.

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